Welcome to “Inside: The Digital Health & Sales Locker Room” podcast, where we explore the dynamic intersection of healthcare and sales with a sporting twist! Join our host, Josh Pappas (Director of Sales at Tendo), as he engages in captivating conversations with leaders from the healthcare system space (providers, executives) and the digital health sales space.

In this exciting episode, “RPM March Madness Podcast: Part 2,” we bring you a panel of esteemed experts who delve into the world of remote patient monitoring (RPM). Discover the latest trends, innovations, and game-changing strategies that are shaping the RPM landscape.

Meet our distinguished guests:

  1. Sid Kandan, Co-Founder & CEO at Stel Life, Inc.: Sid’s vision is to simplify connected health for patients, care teams, and manufacturers. Through Stel’s patented technology, they have eliminated the need for Wi-Fi, smartphones, or tech literacy, allowing seamless and secure connections between patients and care teams.
  2. Rachel Trobman, CEO, Co-Founder at Upside Health, Inc.: A passionate entrepreneur and patient experience advocate, Rachel’s company, Upside Health, is revolutionizing chronic pain management through remote patient monitoring. Learn how they combine objective pain scoring with multidisciplinary care for outstanding patient outcomes.
  3. Robin Henry, RN, Chief Population Health Officer with Solvera Health: With two decades of experience in healthcare, Robin brings strategic expertise to the RPM landscape. As Chief Population Health Officer at Solvera Health, she advocates for improved access to care through innovative digital solutions.
  4. Seth Merritt, MBA- CEO Welby Health: Seth’s relentless focus is on lowering the cost of quality care and improving accessibility for all patients. As CEO of Welby Health, he leads initiatives that drive the adoption of RPM, Chronic Care Management, and virtual care codes for physicians.

Throughout the podcast, our panel shares compelling RPM patient and clinician impact stories and answers rapid-fire questions on how RPM can enhance patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Additionally, don’t miss their exciting “Final Four Predictions” for the future of RPM 2.0, as they discuss key areas that will drive progress in the field.

Join us for a fascinating discussion that combines healthcare, sales, and a sprinkle of sports-themed fun! Stay tuned for Part 3 of the RPM March Madness Podcast, and make sure to follow our guests on LinkedIn for more valuable insights.