Branch Health Success Stories

Delve into the compelling narratives of our Branch Health Success Stories, where our clinicians and their patients share their remarkable journeys. Be inspired by their authentic testimonials and glowing reviews. If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. Let’s add your patient’s quotes to this page and start crafting your success story together!

Patient Testimonials

“I didn’t want to do the app at first but I have to say that I’m really enjoying it now. Having someone care and be there for me and monitoring my pain scores is awesome. I look forward to our calls every month. I told my doctor all this at the last appointment.”

“I was skeptical at first, but after my first nurse phone call, I’m so glad I signed up. This is something I really needed.”

“I was going through a really hard time and my nurse met me with kindness and helped me through that tough spot. I wish she could remain my nurse forever and she was just the most delightful part of this experience!”

“It’s so nice to have someone to talk to about this.”

“Just wanted to reach out and say thank you because the call today did change my outlook on many things and give me hope. Your call was very positively constructive and helped me realize I can and will be better once I defeat this pain and the surgery I can possibly live life fully and actively like I used to. So I just wanted to say thank you, you uplifted my spirits today and gave me hope again.” 

“You know I was pretty skeptical about what my provider was making me do with this, but I have to say it’s turned out to be a positive in my life.”

“Thank you for all that you do. I think it is great you’re trying to help people and the work you’re putting in.”

“Signing up for Branch Health is probably the best thing I’ve done for myself.”

“I enjoy these nurse calls as I’m able to express myself, where with other people I wouldn’t feel like I could be as open.”

Clinician Reviews

Working with the Branch Health team has been a delight. Their application is intuitive and easy to use for our patients especially the geriatric population. We continue to be impressed with the continual improvements and new features. Integration was seamless and the athenahealth automation has brought efficiency and ease to our staff. Over the years we have partnered with several marketplace partners and this integration has been the easiest thus far. Branch Health has overall been a great addition to our practice and I can’t wait to see what the future holds having a partnership with Branch Health.

Branch Health has been great for the practice and I really enjoy working with the team. They’re knowledgeable, reliable and hardworking. We are a couple months in and my patients have already reported positive outcomes from the Branch Health platform. We’re thrilled to be able to offer Branch Health to our patients to better help them manage their pain.

Branch health has helped our practice generate more passive revenue with patients while giving our patients access to evidence based non-medication based pain care and tracking how their progress is doing.