Payers: Save & Engage

Chronic pain affects millions, but it is more than just a large problem. In the world of value-based care it’s an expensive one, costing medical systems money.

After using Branch Health for one month, patients report lower rates of frustration, helplessness, and isolation.

The average chronic pain patient…

  • Is 50% non-adherent as treatments require time and support
  • Costs approximately $32,000 a year – not including other co-morbidities such as diabetes and depression
  • Uses services 2-3 times more than non-chronic pain patients, and go to the doctor 18 times a year (plus imaging and hospitalizations)

We can help you change this.

What we offer

  • Increased ability for patients to manage their pain
  • Reduction of patients’ feelings of frustration, isolation, and helplessness
  • Improved communication between patients and providers

Branch Health works.

“Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.”

  • 71% of patients say that using Branch Health helped improve communication with their healthcare provider
  • 89% of patients feel more in control of their pain
  • 83% of patients are more likely to try or adopt a new treatment
  • Want more info on how our technology helps lower costs for healthcare systems?