Frequently Asked Questions

What is Branch Health?
Created by pain patients, for pain patients, Branch Health, is the mobile companion for chronic pain management. If you are one of the 25+ million Americans who live with chronic pain every day, we want to make sure you #donthurtalone. The best healthcare is built up of many different types of care to support the patient in their journey to wellness: office visits, telehealth, Western, Eastern, pharmacology, procedure, diet, mental health and activity. We believe that using data to create better understanding around pain and combining it with best-in-class behavioral health, resiliency and social connectivity tools make up a vital branch often missing in chronic pain patient care. Reaching out and ensuring that no one ever feels they are struggling on their own is also a key part of what we do and so we vow to keep our branch strong and available. Through our clinical relationships, we serve as an extension of care, a connection between clinical staff and patients. The HIPAA-compliant app offers symptom tracking, community support, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and access to educational resources written by our experts. If your doctor wants to join in, we have an integration option for doctors so they can better your care. The Branch Health program was created alongside medical advisors from Weill Cornell Medical College, NYU Langone Health, and Stamford Health’s Division of Pain Medicine.

Is Branch Health available outside of the U.S.?
Branch Health is only available to residents of the United States.

Will Branch Health work with my phone?
Branch Health is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. If you’re having trouble downloading or using Branch Health, please email us at or call us at (844) 427-7771 for help.

How quickly will I feel better after joining Branch Health?
Branch Health wasn’t built as a digital therapeutic, meaning it’s not meant to act independently of traditional medical care. Every patient processes chronic pain differently. However, we can report that based on a recent survey of our users, after one month of using Branch Health, 89% of patients felt more in control of their pain and more than 60% were able to reduce the way pain interfered in their lives.

How much does the program cost?
To use the standard version of the Branch Health app is always completely free for chronic pain patients. You may be subject to a copay if you are working with a nurse in our program, the copay varies patient-to-patient. Patients who have Medicare with a secondary insurance usually are not responsible for any copays. However, we encourage our patients to contact their insurance for exact copay amounts or reach out to us and we can investigate more for you!

How can I share with my doctor?
If your doctor’s office is not listed as a treatment location it’s because they currently do not have access to our clinical dashboard. However, you can still show your provider your activity log on your journey tab in person at visits.

Our clinical dashboard and integration allows clinicians to review patient activity between visits through remote patient monitoring (with their patients’ consent, of course!). This allows for better insight into what is and isn’t working regarding treatments and an improved understanding of their patients’ chronic pain and condition. Additionally, clinicians can push vital content to their patients and reward them for their accomplishments in their care plan. Interested in introducing Branch Health to your doctor? Email us.

Is my data safe?
Yes. We take data security very seriously. Our app uses an encrypted token system and all data is stored in an encrypted cloud server. In short, all of your information is safe with us. In 2018-19 our company went through a vigorous audit to ensure our practices are HIPAA-compliant and we never sell data to third-party companies.

Who are the Experts?
People and companies listed on the Expert feed of the application are industry leaders with which we’ve developed a relationship and that we feel could bring value to the Branch Health community. We try to have a wide variety of disciplines represented and are always growing our network. Our content is reviewed every six months to ensure factual accuracy. Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like us to add a specific type of Expert.

Is this a therapy program?

No, Branch Health is not a therapy program although we do have licensed psychologists who curate personalized content for the app and host Branch Out sessions. You can also ask them questions on the “Ask the Experts” section.

Do I have to log into the app everyday?

No, you don’t need to do this everyday. However, we strongly encourage you to fill out your daily check ins when you have flares or have something to note, but your practice does want you to fill out the weekly surveys and keep your medications up to date at the minimum.

I have more questions.
No problem. Email us 24/7. Our team loves to hear from you and we will reply within 24-48 hours.