COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus, has already impacted our lives in ways big and small and there are many more changes to come. At Upside Health, our mission has always been to support chronic pain patients and those who care for them, so it seemed natural and urgent that we found a way we could continue to help this population during this uncertain time.

As health systems work to triage not just patients, but also system resources, many outpatient services and specialty practices will temporarily close or scale down. This does not mean that these patients no longer have issues or need support. Additionally, families who have voluntarily or required quarantine, together with parents who need to remain home with their children, are limited in their abilities to see their doctors.

These patients. and those who care for them, do not need to be left behind. Furthermore, clinicians can and should be reimbursed for continuing to offer them remote care. To this end, Upside Health is offering its Ouchie platform free of licensing or onboarding charges to all healthcare providers.

Any clinician or qualified healthcare professional who wishes to offer remote patient monitoring, behavioral health, access to integrative wellness techniques and community coaching to their chronic pain patients will be given free access to our product and its corresponding clinical portal for all of their patients. We will be able to get you integrated into the system within 48 hours and can explain all billing and reimbursement details in any virtual form that suits your current working situation.

Please reach out to our team to learn more.

With sincere wishes for good health,