Healthcare Providers: Generate Revenue with New CPT Codes

Chronic pain is:

  • Personal for patients and complicated to manage

  • Expensive and time intensive to treat

  • Responsible for burnout and frustration among clinicians

Are you a:

  • Pain management specialist

  • Rheumatologist

  • Neurologist

  • Orthopedist

  • Primary care provider

  • Part of a multi-provider outpatient practice

  • Or more?

Ouchie is a reimbursable turn-key solution for documenting and managing pain.

Let us help manage the pain while generating additional revenue for your medical group, ensuring you’re meeting federal opioid prescribing requirements, and extending the care you can offer through our proprietary Ouchie software.

How does it work?

Ouchie is fun to use and easy to incorporate into your practice!

Revenue generation under Remote Patient Monitoring Codes

  1. Patient downloads the Ouchie app on a smartphone or tablet

  2. Logs in daily to update their status, connect with others and get point-in-time access to integrative resources and content

  3. Provider checks the patient dashboard 20 minutes/month/patient and can bill Medicare using CPT Codes:

    • 99453: $21, billable one time per patient for introduction to Ouchie

    • 99454: $69, billable monthly per patient

    • 99457: $54, billable monthly per patient

Expansion of care

  • Integrative on-demand resources, like meditations

  • Targeted content, including exercises

  • Supportive community of fellow patients

  • Pain tracking functionality for self empowerment

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy and access to pain psychologists

Continuation of care

  • Remote rewarding for treatment adherence

  • Reminders for treatments and medications

  • Notification of changes in pain

Moderated and Secure

We are HIPAA compliant and can integrate with your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

Who we work with

Leaders in pain and addiction medicine turn to Ouchie to serve their communities, provide an improved patient experience, and increase revenue.


Why us?

  • An award-winning patient experience

  • Frictionless and risk-free implementation

  • Innovative core partner