Affordability is a big part of living with chronic pain. Between medical bills, lack of employment in some cases, and added costs of living we can all relate to being mindful of our budget.

Many of us will relate to transportation being a hurdle when scheduling medical appointments and running errands. When struggling physically, the last thing you need is for your transportation to be added stress.

To make your life a little easier, check out the resources below on how to make the logistics and affordability of transportation as accessible as possible.

  1. Communicate with your medical team if you are having trouble affording or accessing transportation.
    You will not be their first patient to share they are experiencing trouble getting to and from appointments, so don’t be shy! Medical centers often have resources of their own to support their patients with affordable (sometimes free) transportation options.
  2. If you need a new car and buying one is out of reach.
    Check out this organization that supplies free vehicles for those in need.
  3. If you need access to affordable public transportation options.
    This national organization is here to help you figure out how to make public transit easy and accessible for whatever your physical needs are.
  4. If you need a ride.
    Check with your local religious centers to see if they have a volunteer drivers program. You usually don’t need to be a part of the religious community to benefit from their programs assisting the community.
  5. If the fare for public transit is too costly.
    Ask your local area agency on aging and/or your local aging and disability resource centers about fare assistance programs that offer vouchers for transportation services at a reduced rate.

You have options and there are organizations and individuals who want to make sure you don’t miss an important medical appointment due to the affordability or accessibility of transportation. Seek out the help that is available!