The team behind Branch has long aimed to transform the way that chronic pain is assessed and treated. We are excited to announce that we are moving closer to this goal with the new version of Branch, which is being released today. 

In addition to a striking new design and color palette, which is both accessible and calming in light and dark modes, Branch now contains scored weekly screeners that examine the many ways chronic pain impacts a patient’s life. Branch then pairs these results with passively collected data, which includes step count, distance traveled, heart rate and heart rate variance (through our partnership with Lief). What does all this data mean? The progress tab explains just that, as well as celebrating all a Branch member can and has achieved. 

These insights then allow us to deliver personalized, targeted solutions across six different modalities to help a patient better manage their pain. The actionable tools span across movement, mindfulness, sleep, creativity, pain education and peer support and are crafted and moderated by our team of experts. 

As always, the Branch community is there to support its members every step of the way.

Coming soon: the community function continues to evolve, Branch Out sessions available live in the app and even more meaningful features. 

Thank you for joining our Branch and helping this product and community thrive. #donthurtalone