Our Vision

Chronic pain care isn’t currently working.


Every day, chronic pain impacts the lives of 25+ Million Americans, and that number is only rising. This is more than just a large public health problem, it's an enormous financial one. Upside Health is dedicated to solving it for patients, medical systems, and payers through our platform, Ouchie.

Ouchie uses cutting-edge technology and evidence-backed tools including CBT, contingency management, telehealth and community support, providing scalable solutions and actionable data for payers, health systems and brands.

The Upside team’s unique background in technology, medicine, content and e-commerce help us make best-in-class products people love to use. Above all, we come from a place of compassion. We've personally struggled with chronic pain and we love those with chronic pain. And we confidently believe, as is the mission of Ouchie, that no one should hurt alone. We hope you'll join us.

Rachel Trobman, CEO, Upside Health