Pain takes many forms.

So many are in pain right now.

It’s hard for us to find the right words right now or know what place a business has in all of this. But when people are hurting, we have no choice but to speak up. Because no one should hurt alone.

When you’re living in chronic pain, anger, sadness, frustration and fear can intensify the pain. Our community is even bigger though than just those who live with pain. It’s also their parents, their children, their care takers and their clinicians. For everyone who is hurting, we hear you. We see you.

But, again, words are not enough. We’re about support, education and action.

With that in mind, we’re creating special meditations and content to aid those for are especially struggling right now and need extra guidance.

We can push for change. Minorities, particularly people of color, are often under-diagnosed and under-treated for their chronic pain. We can partner with health systems and advocacy groups to ensure that our data prevents that. We can prioritize partnerships in neighborhoods struggling to provide pain care.

We can learn, as individuals and as a company. Reading and listening from diverse voices on our team and our users. Allowing them to express themselves freely.

And we can STAND UP. So that our users, our clients, our community and beyond know they have an ally. Not just when the pain is raw and acute. Not just when the treatments work and then fail. But chronically, always. Because we know pain, and everyone in pain needs a partner (or millions) to heal.

“Neither love nor terror makes one blind: indifference makes one blind.” – James Baldwin