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Rachel Trobman

Rachel Trobman is not only a content and business development expert, but also a chronic pain patient. She has become an influencer in the field of digital health solutions and has been part of programs at Yale, Cornell and Hofstra looking to solve the chronic pain problem.

Jason Trobman

Jason Trobman has been a hands-on leader of engineering teams at the NYSE, American Media and, most recently, Digital Pulp. He is an expert at scaling technology and creating robust solutions to complex data problems.

Rachel Brandt

Rachel Brandt comes to Upside after leading product teams at BuzzFeed and Jet.com, where she focused on customer experience and product support. She spent the first part of her career as a systems integration consultant. She’s passionate about digital accessibility and building communities.

Medical Advisors


Dr. Neel Mehta
Director of Pain Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical Center

Dr. Ofer Wellisch
Chief of Pain Medicine, Stamford Health