Let’s take a collective inhale. And exhale.

All of us have an intimate relationship with the Unknown right now. We are all being exposed to lots of noise and negativity. The good news is – we will see the other side.

In the meanwhile, how will we calm our anxious thoughts and stay centered? Let’s start with being mindful of how we take in and exchange information.

It is incredibly easy to spend all day everyday checking our phones, the news, and social media outlets for the latest update on the virus. (Trust me – I’ve done it, too). It’s extremely possible for every conversation we have to be about comparing facts, numbers, and updates about the virus.

If this mentality sounds familiar, try to soften. Yes, we need to stay informed through a reliable news source. But, if we become obsessed, anxiety will begin to rule our world. How can we find that balance between being informed without being overloaded?

  1. Choose certain times of the day to check the news and get updates.

    Experiment with what works for you- possibly once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once at night.

  2. Set a timer

    When you do take time get updates, set a timer for a reasonable amount of time (20-30 min?), and when time is up-move on to another task. This will remind you not to fall down the rabbit hole.

  3. Notice what you are saying to others.

    We can assume at this time that everyone is on edge to a certain degree. If you find yourself calling others, only talking about the virus, and piling your stress onto them- slow down. Let’s honor the feelings of others rather than getting caught up in exchanging facts and anxieties. Connecting with your loved ones by using your heart (and not head) will ground both you and them.

  4. Set boundaries with others.

    Is there someone in your life who makes you feel even more stressed than you already are? Let them know you already feel overwhelmed and would benefit from talking about something else. Don’t let someone else’s information overload fall onto your lap.

  5. Read the positive news stories, too.

    There are plenty of positive stories that are circulating during this challenging time. Neighbors helping neighbors, strangers singing together from their quarantines, unique and fun ideas on how to exercise at home. Those stories are just as important as they can inspire us and give us a different window to look through as we experience this unusual time.

Into the Unknown we go together. Let’s be informed, but not obsessed and overloaded. Breathe deeply.

You’ve got this, friends!