This is a time of year where we are meant to feel joyful. Yet, with the unusual circumstances of this holiday season, if you feel stressed, anxious, fearful, or any other slew of challenging emotions – you are not alone.

It’s very tempting to distract ourselves from emotional discomfort with numbing tactics like binging Netflix for days or endless scrolling on social media.

We want to numb out with exterior noise to feel less heartache.

However, this is an important time to pay attention to our health and wellbeing – not disconnect from them.

Our breath connects our body and mind.

When we are sitting on the couch or in bed, our breath can get stagnant and shallow. Unfortunately, this further contributes to feelings of stress and anxiety.

Sitting up straight or lying on the floor and bringing your attention to deepening your breath will reduce anxiety and soften any muscles that are unnecessarily gripping and causing pain.

Try this right now…

Pause and bring your body to stillness in any comfortable position. Notice how you feel physically and emotionally.

Breath in to a count of 4.
Hold your inhale for a count of 4.
Exhale to a count of 6.

Bring your awareness to what has shifted in your body and mind. It could be something huge or tiny. Either way, you have done something to ground and focus your attention on yourself without judgement.

This holiday season might bring up difficult emotions. It’s a time to show up for yourself and your health.

Even when you are hurting. Because you are hurting. Show up for yourself.

You’ve got this, friends!